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Intermediate Skis

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  • Rossignol Exp 74 with Xelium 100L Binding

    Rossignol Exp 74 with Xelium 100L Binding

    The Experience 74 with Xelium 100L Binding from Rossignol is an all mountain ski for progressing intermediate to novice skiers. With auto turn rocker and an extended sidecut the experience has great manoeuvrability and playfulness at low and high speeds, but still provides effortless control making…

    Colour: Xelium 100L

    Was: £300.00 Now: £150.00

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  • Sidas Booster Intermediate

    Sidas Booster Intermediate

    Positioned properly on your ski boot, the Booster strap provides instant ski response at the start of the turn and greater rebound out of it. It links your leg to the ski boot liner more effectively and is excellent for individuals with low volume lowerlegs who want to maximise lower leg envelopment…

    Colour: Black

    Price: £24.95

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  • Rossignol Unique 6 2014

    Rossignol Unique 6 2014

    The Unique 6 is an ultra-lightweight high-performance women's carving ski for advanced to intermediate skiers. Power Turn Rocker combines traditional frontside power with subtle tip rocker, smoothing turn entry and exit for easier, more playful carving. The ultra-light Air Core reduces weight, delivering…

    Colour: Xelium Saphir 110 83

    Price: £465.00

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  • Volkl Bridge (Ski Only) 2014

    Volkl Bridge (Ski Only) 2014

    …Volkl Bridge ski in your life! Made for intermediate to expert skiers, it will give you all-mountain and freeride versatility. With a playful full rocker shape, it has great manoeuvrability to float through powder and pop off the sides of the groomers. If you’re thinking about a ski for all season…

    Colour: Black/White/Turquois

    Price: £425.00

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  • Atomic Polarity (Ski Only) 2014

    Atomic Polarity (Ski Only) 2014

    …really is the one ski for everything. Aimed at skiers who are progressing to being a good intermediate, the Polarity will take you to the next level! Ability Level - 5-9 Spec For (165cm): * Radius: 15m * Nose Width: 120mm * Waist Width: 83mm * Tail Width: 104mm Features * Weight per ski: 1570g * 15% Tip…

    Colour: Pink/White

    Price: £285.00

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  • Volkl RTM 75 IS 2014

    Volkl RTM 75 IS 2014

    The Volkl RTM 75 IS is a diverse ski for intermediate skiers that are looking for a frontside ski that will also take them off piste with confidence. With a slender underfoot, this ski has a playful yet snappy feel to help you progress quickly on your piste turns. Ride the Mountain! Ability Level - 5…

    Colour: 4Motion 10.0

    Price: £425.00

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  • Volkl Aurena 2014

    Volkl Aurena 2014

    The Aurena ski by Volkl has been designed to give power to the ladies, built for intermediate skiers who are looking to push themselves further. With XTD Progressive technology and a light woodcore, fatigue is reduced for easy transmission of energy to help your confidence in carving turns and traveling…

    Colour: 4MOTION 10.0

    Price: £350.00

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  • Volkl Chiara 2014

    Volkl Chiara 2014

    The Chiara by Volkl gives power to the ladies on piste! Designed for Intermediate to advanced level skiers the ski is super light-weight with a Tip Rocker design allowing it to carve through the snow like a dream. The Chiara also uses Bio-Logic xtraLIGHT technology to reduce stress and fit all the dimensions…

    Colour: 4Motion 11.0 TC

    Price: £475.00

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  • Atomic Cloud Nine 2014

    Atomic Cloud Nine 2014

    Now an iconic ski in the women's piste sector, the Cloud 9 is a confidence inspiring, fun and lively ski that is perfect for the good intermediate skier looking to spend most of their time on the groomed runs. It uses Atomic's step down sidewall to maximise edge grip on the harder slopes and a women's…

    Colour: ETM 10 Lady

    Price: £440.00

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  • Dalbello Kyra 95

    Dalbello Kyra 95

    The Kyra 95 is targeted for intermediate to advanced women skiers seeking a relaxed fit with accruate foothold who ski a wide variety of terrain and snow conditions. With stunning good looks, and unique "women's only" fit and construction, Kyra's feature a special "fit for women" cuff that is geometrically…

    Colour: White/Multi 1

    Was: £300.00 Now: £150.00

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  • Atomic Waymaker 90 2014

    Atomic Waymaker 90 2014

    The Waymaker 90 from Atomic really epitomises all mountain skiing, whether you want to ski on the groomed runs or start exploring the backcountry the Waymaker 90 is the ideal choice. With Atomic's live fit zone on the outside of the foot and the freelock hike and ride switch you've got all the features…

    Colour: Black/Multi 1

    Price: £265.00

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  • Atomic Waymaker Carbon 100 2014

    Atomic Waymaker Carbon 100 2014

    …, providing you with all the features of the flagship 130 model but with a softer flex for a slightly more intermediate skier. The Carbon Spine keeps the power boosting to the rear of the ski effortlessly taking you form one turn to the next and the live fit zone on the outside of the foot ensures instant…

    Colour: Black/White

    Price: £295.00

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  • Atomic Hawx 2.0 100 2014

    Atomic Hawx 2.0 100 2014

    …this year aided by memory fit technology, allowing the shell of the boot to be fully customised to your foot! The 100 flex is perfect for the intermediate/advanced skier. Ability Level - 5-9 * Heel: Medium * Forefoot: Medium * Instep: Medium Features * All-mountain * Last: 100 * Flex: 100 * 4 Edge…

    Colour: Trans Dk Blue/Black

    Price: £275.00

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  • Atomic Hawx 2.0 90 2014

    Atomic Hawx 2.0 90 2014

    …boots in this 90 flex model! Providing full customisation of the shell at a fantastic price the Hawx 2.0 90 should be a starting point for any intermediate skier! Ability Level - 4-8 * Heel: Medium * Forefoot: Medium * Instep: Medium Features * All-mountain * Last: 100 * Flex: 90 * 4 Edge 7000 Buckle…

    Colour: Black/Black

    Price: £250.00

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  • Atomic Live Fit 90 W 2014

    Atomic Live Fit 90 W 2014

    …Live fit 90 women is a fantastic balance of comfort and performance for the aspiring intermediate skier looking for a boot to spend all day in without any hassle and have all the capability to advance their skiing even further! Ability Level - 4-8 * Heel: Medium * Forefoot: Wide * Instep: Medium Features…

    Colour: Trans Light Blue/Blk

    Price: £250.00

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  • Atomic Hawx 2.0 90 W 2014

    Atomic Hawx 2.0 90 W 2014

    …more desirable! With the ability to fully custom mould the outer shell giving you maximum comfort and precision, this is the perfect boot for the intermediate/advanced skier! Ability Level - 4-8 * Heel: Medium * Forefoot: Medium * Instep: Medium Features * All-mountain * Last: 100 * Flex: 90 * 4 Edge 7000…

    Colour: Trans Purple/Crystal

    Price: £275.00

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  • Atomic Redster Pro 80 W 2014

    Atomic Redster Pro 80 W 2014

    …has done it! Created a boot for the slimmer footed female skier who's looking for a softer flex! The Redster Pro 80w is a fantastic boot for the intermediate/advanced skier looking for performance but also the knowledge that their foot is held securely in the boot. It also has Atomic's memory fit which…

    Colour: Black/Mint

    Price: £275.00

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  • Booteze Booteze

    Booteze Booteze

    …Simplicity at its best! Features * Made from slippery plastic * Rubber handle will slightly stretch but remain effective * Well suited for beginners, intermediate skiiers and snowboarders * Fully undo boots before using

    Colour: Blue/Multi 1

    Price: £5.00

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  • Rossignol All Track 90 2014

    Rossignol All Track 90 2014

    The Alltrack 90 is perfect for intermediate skiers, looking for a forgiving 102mm fitting boot that encompasses both freeride versatility and on piste precision. New Sensor Grid shell technology for increased energy transmission and new OptiSensor 3D liners enhance forefoot wrapping give new reference…

    Colour: Light Black

    Price: £220.00

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  • Superfeet Delux Men's 3/4

    Superfeet Delux Men's 3/4

    …comfortable through the workday. * All natural coating that eliminates odor-causing bacteria. * Medium-profile insole with the shape that delivers intermediate support. * Fits best in all types of casual, designer or dress footwear. * Vegan: Free of latex, nickel sulfate, formaldehyde and preservatives…

    Colour: Black

    Price: £20.00

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